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Accessory merged with technology

All our lives revolve around technology and accessories. Things have gone to the next level with the amalgamation technology and accessory. A foreign company called Bee & Kin has successfully manufactured a bag that can call a cab and locate your phone. The designs of these bags are very interesting they are styled keeping in mind its USP. They are of different geometric shapes which further distinguishes them from their contemporaries.


These bags come with a smart button which can call a cab, locate your phone, send a pre-written mail and even start a playlist. The bags are being manufactured in our country using Italian leather. Some of the users are using their smart bags to get out of their misery. Well, while on a date when things seem to become dull and boring the users press the smart button and immediately they get a call on their phone and they use the phone call as an excuse to leave. In addition to the smart button, the bag comes with a light that helps the user look inside in case the user is at a dark place.


The bags come in both vibrant and subtle hues like orange, silver, blush, and black. They cost around Rs 34000 to Rs 50000.

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