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5 Benefits of Goat Milk for Babies

Newborn babies normally have breast milk as a staple food but older babies can be given formula milk, supplements, cow milk or goat milk. Most moms prefer cow’s milk but goat milk can also be a very good option. Do you know the right time to introduce goat milk? Is it healthy or risky?

Goat milk can be a very good substitute for cow’s milk and provides proper nutrition to the babies. Babies can take goat milk when they are one year old or more but the parent needs to consult a paediatrician. Mothers can give goat milk to their babies even if they are breastfed.

  1. Goat milk has 50% more iron content in it that can give the baby more iron per millilitre.
  2. If your baby is anaemic, this can improve the health of the babies. Infants can also get the benefit out of goat milk.
  3. The protein content in goat milk is less dense therefore, it is easily digestible.
  4. Goat Milk is alkaline in nature. It reduces the gastrointestinal infections in the babies.
  5. It is possible that goat milk has a few anti-inflammatory properties in it. It treats colitis as well.

Therefore, you are free to give goat formula milk to your baby but one needs to check the label for details over and above consulting the paediatrician.

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